Rokenbok Education

A Design and Engineering System for Students

Rokenbok is a single continuous system of reusable materials carefully organized into Mobile STEM Labs. Rokenbok Labs have a small footprint and are used across grade levels, moving easily from classroom to classroom. Rokenbok’s comprehensive curriculum is free and online; teachers download curriculum instantly to meet the needs of their students. With Rokenbok, even the youngest students learn foundational concepts about technology and engineering, and have a lot of fun in the process!

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STEM-Maker Curriculum

STEM-Maker Curriculum is Rokenbok’s innovative approach, combining traditional STEM content with the artistic “Design-Make-Play” approach used by experienced STEM educators. At every grade level, students gain both a deep comprehension of STEM content and accrue the hands-on experience needed to become creative problem solvers.

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STEM-Maker Curriculum is available in our online library and can be downloaded at any time. Teachers can choose just the right lesson to meet the needs of their class and their students.

Rokenbok Mobile Stem Lab

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Rokenbok's Mobile STEM Labs span from building blocks to programmable Robotics:

Rokenbok Rok Blocks


  • STEM fundamentals
  • 3 modules serve up to 12 students
  • Grades:  K-5

Rokenbok Snap Stack


  • Design & engineering, CAD & 3D printing
  • 6 modules serve up to 24 students
  • Grades:  4 - 12

Rokenbok Advanced Projects


  • Project based STEM & deep parts resource
  • 1 module serves up to 4 students
  • Grades:  6 - 12

Rokenbok Basic Robotics


  • Introduction to robotics & motorized mechanisms
  • 6 modules serve up to 24 students
  • Grades:  3 - 12

Rokenbok Advanced Robotics


  • Sensor-driven robotics & Arduino programming
  • Grades:  6 - 12

Additional Information:

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